Community Social Services Awareness Month - 2015 Proclamation


WHEREAS community social services are vital to the quality of life of all British Columbians, and

WHEREAS community social services in British Columbia include services for children, youth and families; Aboriginal peoples and communities; persons with disabilities; individuals and families dealing with mental health and/or substance use issues; persons with special needs; 

those involved with youth justice services, victim service programs and violence against women programs; women and their families in transition houses or sexual assault centres; individuals involved in community projects, employment training programs and community rehabilitation services programs; as well as early childhood development, child care and early learning, community living, multicultural, settlement and immigrant supports and services; and more, and

WHEREAS the availability of these supportive services improves the quality of life for everyone, increases participation in our communities and makes them culturally responsive, stronger and more stable, and

WHEREAS greater recognition and understanding of the critical role these services play in our communities is needed to ensure their continued accessibility, availability and improvement;

NOW KNOW YE THAT we do by these presents proclaim and declare that March 2015 shall be known as 

“Community Social Services Awareness Month”

in the Province of British Columbia.

Click here to download the 2015 Proclamation by the Provincie of British Columbia (.pdf document)

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